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Stop Dieting And Start Living
Dear readers, my name is John Hiller, and I have good news for those of you who are suffering from overweight, obesity or compulsive eating disorders. This website was created with the purpose of giving people all over the world access to a working method which will ensure weight loss in a slow, sure and natural way. This simple program is called ‘The Hiller Method (THM)’ and is intended for any person aged twelve or up. THM does not involve drugs, supplements, exercise, gadgets or dieting. Too good to be true? Please read on.

THM: a weight loss program like no other + free support
When you start using THM, you will lose weight without risk or harmful side effects. It will rid you of heartburn, and level off your blood sugar levels. THM is all natural, and not a diet or supplement of any kind. THM changes your perception and gives you crucial insights on why you are overweight and how to change that from the first moment you start reading the method.

THM will:

  • Disclose to you the truth about weight loss
  • Change your perception of food intake forever
  • Give you permanent weight loss in a natural and healthy way
  • Bring you more satisfaction out of life and a better self image
  • Effortlessly rid you of bad habits which cause weight gain and yoyo syndrome

Why did I create THM?
The idea of creating this document came after I discovered that weight loss is possible without the products which are so abundantly advertised. I have tried many of those products myself in the past and got frustrated with all the advertisements of weight loss products which are useless. I am truly excited to share this solution which actually works and the proud of the growing number of people who acknowledge this. Now that THM is getting known to more and more people I am getting elated reactions on an almost daily basis from THM users. Last but no least I did create THM to support my family, especially in these not so happy economic times. In the end I hope to achieve some form of .global. awareness that diets, supplements and gadgets do not work. An ambitious, but in my mind reachable goal.

Manufacturers: half-truths at best
The manufacturers of weight loss products these days seem to all shout the same story to sell yet another useless (or at best temporarily successful) product. What do they personally know about fighting a life long battle against fat? Answer: Not much. I am not afraid to share my personal feelings on this page. I'm asking questions like: Have manufacturers ever looked in the mirror at times and cried bitter tears of shame, frustration and anger? (No.) Did they ever have four or five different sizes of pants/shirts in the closet because their weight was highly unstable due to all the yo-yoing? (No.) Did they ever experience the feeling of not being able to go to a pool, beach or sauna because they were too ashamed of their body? (No.) Do they have stretch marks all over their torso, loins, sides, back and belly as a silent reminder of broken skin due to overweight? (No.) Dear reader, all of the questions above I can personally answer with yes, and much more than I care to share right here. Manufacturers keep telling us about losing weight and how we should follow a -forced- ideal, but no one seems to know or care about cravings and compulsive eating. They do not personally know the lonely road of shame. I've got news for you. All of these things actually happened in my life at one point or another. I do still carry the stretch marks on my body, but this doesn.t bother me anymore. Time will slowly heal them, like it does all wounds. You wouldn't believe the calmness and focus I feel at the moment being of normal weight. I truly am free and of normal weight after being overweight for most of my adult life and I wish to share this feeling with as many people as possible. Who should use THM? Anyone age twelve or up who is overweight and seriously wants to do something about it. The method works extremely well for those of you who have previously lost weight and regained it, and then some. Dieting will work only temporarily as many of you including myself have found. The more often you diet, and the older you get, the harder it will become to lose weight. People in their thirties (like myself) will experience that their bodies will create a resistance point where you will not lose an ounce anymore. The Hiller Method will for one thing help to address that exact issue.

Is THM hard to master?
You can start using THM right after you have read the document. The book takes a few hours to read and a few weeks of conscious practice to incorporate the method fully in your daily routine. Once you are used to THM, you cannot go back to your old routine, you wouldn't want to even if you could! You will see a steady decline in body weight. The weight you'll lose is pure body fat, not water or muscle tissue. A word of caution. You will need some form of discipline to get used to the new habits described in the method. Only order my method if you are committed to really do something about your weight this time. (Remember: no exercise, diet, gadgets or supplements). If you are reading this there must be an intent to lose weight. All it takes for you to lose weight is to get your copy of THM and use it.

Is THM just another scam/hoax/fraud?
Certainly not. This question has been asked at least a thousand times by people who do not know the method since I published the work early 2001. Being linked to several websites means I do not want to stake my reputation over the small amount THM costs. I've been online with THM since 2001 now, and intend to stay here. THM is an actual account of how I achieved a normal, balanced body weight over a period of some two months after twenty years of yo-yoing. The method itself is very simple to learn, but will require some discipline and focus. Once you have incorporated the method in your daily routine, you will accept it, and in the end forget you are using it. You will lose weight in a comfortable way. THM will truly open your eyes and stick with you for a lifetime. You will see lasting results, and more importantly: you will not be surprised that you do. Remember: this is not a diet. You can eat the same things you like to eat with THM. You will change your eating habits voluntarily in later stages though. You will not have to take drugs or supplements to lose weight with THM. You will not have to exercise to lose weight with THM. Impossible? Your skepticism is understandable. It is simple: you will lose weight with THM, or I give you your money back, that is the THM guarantee. See the order page for full details on the 45-day guarantee.

What do you get when you order THM?
Instant download of the full THM manuscript detailing how I developed this method; what prompted me to do so and how I made a simple but profound discovery which resulted in the method. The method itself, and how I used my method to reach and maintain a balanced body weight, and how you can use it to do the same. My original 52 day personal diary and comments while using my method. A complete and clear explanation of my method, and how you should use it on your road to a healthy, balanced body. Free support by email for as long as you want it. Max 48 hours response time. Free access for as long as you want it to our private support forum hosted by myself. Here you can anonymously discuss your progress and challenges with other users of the Hiller Method, and get daily advice from myself and other THM 'veterans'. After confirmation of your payment you can ask for forum entry using your receipt. Only THM users are allowed on the THM forum. The forum is strictly private and confidential.

How long will this document be available?
For as long as it takes to get this message through. Also it needs to continue to be successful, and I need to keep interested in personally answering your emails. I'm sure your results and support will help in sustaining my interest. THM has been so successful in 2002, that I am almost fulltime supporting THM users now, not having to work my regular day job five days a week anymore. My answer is that as long as there are THM users out there, so will THM.

Comments made by THM users from all over the world
-----Original Message-----
Subject: [THM Forum] Another Battle Won

Hi All
I went to the Doc. today to see my Cholesterol report again. I am going to post the numbers so you will see what has happened. First I want to say since I have been on THM I have not really lost any weight. In fact I weight a little more then when I originally started. Next I want all to know why I cling to THM and think everyone should. First battle won was my Reflux that I was on medication for. While on medication I was hospitalized twice because the reflux was worse then what the meds could even handle. Also I am on alot of meds that do liver damage and the Stomach meds is one that my Doc. wanted me to try to get off of.
I did, because of THM.

With THM I rarely even have to take over the counter stomach meds. Next battle was helping to reduce my Bulemia to almost nothing. And now because of the shared info with my THM family I have won the battle over cholesterol. My Doc. wanted me on Lipitor for the rest of my life and today I let him know I hardly ever take it. The shared info from my THM family that I used was (...) and not even done religiously. The other things that I do with (...) are (...) also (...)(Thank You (protected) on that one). The (...) I do on my Hubbies work days and the (...) at extra times when I ate to much or feel under the wheather.

Now to post my results.

Lipid Profile: Chosesterol, Should range at 100 - 199
Mine at 01/01/06 was 277 down to 252
Now 02/15/06 was 252 down to 212
Really close to that 199 we are all suppose to not go over.

Triglycerides: Should Range 0 -149
Mine at 01/01/06 Was 339 Down to 249
Now at 02/15/06 Was 249 Down to 212

Triglycerides: vldl, Should range 5-40
Mine at 01/01/06 was 50 02/15/06 now 42
Ldl, should range at 0-129
Mine at 01/01/06 was 155 02/15/06 Now 129

(...) also reduced my blood pressure. Still goes high from time to time, but does not stay high and if I were allowed to walk every day I know it would stay down with those ten minutes walks we all use to talk about (...). So if any of you cholesteral/blood pressure fighters are out there you might want to try (...). I did for about four months to get these results and I was not really religious about it. Most of the time (...) different meals. If you want to know what was in (...) just give me a post for it and I will give details. Yeah.... I Like It! So happy today I have been bouncey. Gotta go cook dinner (...). Love to all.


P.S. Thank you John for THM and all it has given and is here.

"Hi, everyone - and a special hello to Terri, from another Washingtonian. I have been lurking this week soaking up the help and support from all of you. I really like the idea of gaining health, not losing weight! I have been practicing THM diligently this week and really paying attention to Background Eating. I have lost 3 lbs in the last two weeks which is HUGE for me! But the best part is this method is helping me deal with my food issues. That food is not bad - it is to be used to nourish our bodies. Ironically, by focusing on the food I am becoming less and less obssessed with it. I think for a lifelong dieter like me, anything smacking of deprivation is like a red flag to binge. Thank you for welcoming me into your group - I feel better about myself and my issues than I have in years! P.S. Terri - may I adopt as my daily affirmation your phrase "God made me and he doesn't make junk"!! Love it! Karen"

"Something in your story inspired me to give it a try. So starting last Thursday I began using your method and am truly amazed. I have lost 7 pounds since Thursday!!! It is unbelievable. A week ago I couldn't seem to lose any weight to save myself and now I can't seem to eat enough. My metabolism has completely changed." Joanna from Washington State.

"(...) I have been fat most of my life. I have tried every diet under the sun (much to the delight of the diet industry!) But what amazes me most of all is: #1 this isn't a diet #2 it is cheap. #3 it makes more sense than some of the other things I've tried & most of all.... John isn't hiding away somewhere... he is always just an e mail away. I have often wondered if some of the so called creators of some of those diet / fitness plans were real people or if they were some kind of figure head. And I don't know how many of you have tried to contact customer support at some of those places... but you would have better luck milking a bull than to get real answers or even a response to a question! John & his method seems to me to be the most realistic weight loss method & the most honest one I have ever come across." A posting from Cindi, one of the 700+ THM Forum users.

"When I bought THM, it was because I wanted to lose weight, and I have lost some, which is wonderful. But what I didn't expect was the enjoyment I've had from the food I eat. There are many other benefits, but the calm, enjoyable personal time that every meal has become, is the best thing about THM. Eat this way and find out how wonderful food REALLY is!" A posting from Heidi, one of the 700+ forum users.

"Hello John, My name is Carrie Pascoe and I have to thank you for sharing your discovery. I am a lifetime dieter and I saw results within the first 7 days. I lost 7 pounds. I am amazed how my appetite has decreased and the cravings for my favorite foods has almost diminished. I have about 40 more pounds to go and I know I will reach my goal weight eventually using your method. I have already referred all of my immediate family and I know they will be just as grateful. Much love, Carrie :)" A posting from Carrie, one of the 700+ forum users.

"I just couldn't believe that my feelings of heartburn and bloating were history after only two days of THM. I am baffled that over the past 50 years I must have spend thousands of dollars on Pepto products while all it took was your enhanced focus. Thank you so much John, well worth the money." Jill from New York City.

"I started THM a little over week ago. I waited to weigh myself until a week had passed. I had lost 3.5 pounds, which I have not been able to do for years, no matter what I ate or didn't eat. In addition, I have not had the digestive problems that have plagued me for the last few years.. I am surprised to find that foods that I thought that I loved (such as certain breads) are not so great (boring) and foods that I wouldn't have sought out before now seem attractive. This is a great insight. Thanks for sharing it!" Cindy Cook from Houston (Katy), Texas.

"I've lost another 2 pounds this morning thats a total of 4 lbs in 10 days!!! I was so excited when I stood on the scales this morning. So its a big thank you to all of you - my support system! and BIG thank you John for the method i really feel i can do this - my goal to fit into my favourite jeans is now on the horizon! Watch this space:)" >A posting from Jo, one of the 700+ THM Forum users.

"(...)Started my first post early because I had lost 7lbs in 2 days! Over the course of the week I had ups and downs and no change at all (I weigh everyday and keep food journal for research purposes!)anyway I am very pleased that with it all I can report a 6lb loss for Week 1!" A posting from Willow, one of the 700+ THM Forum users.

"I am so thankful for this because I think they will make not just me but many others more healthy and better looking which makes for greater happiness. You are doing a great job! It's marvelous that something so simple and so natural is so effective. I'm 61 years and I am sure there may be some other older persons out there that have health and weight problems and I would strongly encourage them to try this inexpensive and educational program..." Lillian from Scandinavia.

"This is without a doubt the best few bucks I have ever spent in my life. After using the program for two months now I can see that it will be the last money I will spend on any weight loss program. John, THM is amazing, too bad your method was not here ten years ago, it would have saved me some $5000 on products and machines which did not work." Maria from Nairobi, Kenya.

"Hi everyone It's only another nine days to Weigh In, and I'm actually looking forward to it, because some of my clothes are fitting better, (not baggy, but then again, I had "outgrown" some shirts and slacks that are no longer too tight)." A posting from Heidi, one of the 700+ THM Forum users.

"Yeahhhhhhh down two more pounds. That is a total of 9 all together. I am soooooo happy. John you are a hero to us all. And I thank "GOD" for using you. All you people are doing g-r-e-a-t. This group is the best!!!Have a great day. Peace, Margie" A posting from Margie, one of the 700+ THM Forum users.

"I was glad to see that there is actually a real person behind this method who helps and responds to emails. You really took away my initial doubts, and for this low price too." Audrey Hart, Liverpool, Great Britain.

"I couldn.t believe this would work, but it really does. I.m having some difficulty at times to not forget the discipline, but my fat level is dropping slowly but surely.. Danke Schön(thanks). from München, Germany.

.God bless you, John.. Mary Ann Wilkens, Houston, TX.

.At first I though you were full of ****, but ok. After one month I decided to send you this because I felt sorry about my initial reaction I sent you. I have lost over 7,5 kilos in the month, and I feel better every day. Still a long way to go though. My friend has not been as successful, only 2 kilos in one month, but we both know why.(.).. Hans from Germany.

.I can.t THANK YOU enough for your method (.). Me and my wife have been using your method for over a month now, and have lost 23 pounds between us! (.) Thank you ever so much.. anonymous , Detroit, MI.

.I was introduced to your method by a colleague of mine, who had the document. I admit I copied it at first, not thinking it would work. Well, after three and a half months of using the method as you prescribed I can now safely say it DOES work. My conscience is clear as I now have officially purchased your document. (Receipt enclosed).. Patricia Kelly, Ireland.

.(.) even though I am losing weight, I am STILL not convinced it.s because of your method. I just cannot explain it rationally. It looks like I.m eating less but it feels like I am less hungry at the same time. Very odd.. I., Stockholm, Sweden.

(JP: Some four months later, Ingmar sent the message below) .Thank you very much, I am now somewhere around my perfect weight of 78 kilos. I didn.t think it was possible. You should go on TV with this..

Please note: By mailing your reactions to me, you are allowing me to post your name on my site, unless you specifically state otherwise. I will not disclose any customer information like email-addresses to third parties at any time, that means never. At times, messages are sent to me in other languages than English. I.ll try to translate these into English as accurately as possible. Although I can read and write several languages, please try and send your messages in English if at all possible. Everyone who sends a message (good or bad) will get a personal reply. Buy THM, and you too will receive free access to the private THM forum. You will have a chance to chat with some of the people who wrote these messages.

Foreword to The Hiller Method Revision III by Chet Day

PART I: The Original Hiller Method as created January 14, 2001 
   The odd couple
   How I started my voyage after an accidental discovery
   A disappointing experience
   Back home - changing my eating habit using my newly found CR
   The Hiller Method
      D-DAY minus 1 (DAY ZERO)
      My daily account on how I lost 65 pounds. 
      Added notes on September 16, 2001 

PART II: The Psychology Behind THM
   Different phases a THM user goes through 
      Phase I - New User
      Phase II - Separating the truly committed from the not so committed 
      Phase III - A New Beginning takes shape
      Phase IV - Positive Weight Loss Spiral or Reversal of Yoyo-ing starts
      Phase V - The life Changer: The long awaited road to permanent change
   Mental hints to indicate in which phase you are
      Phase III 
      Phase IV 
      Phase V 
   Visual representation of emotional states
   A sample observation on focus shifting from a THM forum user
   Background eating: an essential flaw in your quest for perfect weight? 
   Final thoughts
   Suggested reading and links 
   Appendix: THM FAQ
   Appendix: THM Forum FAQ

Foreword to The Hiller Method Revision III by Chet Day
I've been studying natural health since 1993, and I really thought I'd pretty much seen everything there was to see in weight loss programs.

Then I stumbled upon the website for The Hiller Method.

Intrigued by the testimonies of success as well as the reasonable price, I decided to run a few test ads for John Hiller's innovative program in my health and recipe newsletters.

As I expected, many dieters who were sick unto death of yoyoing with their weight tried The Hiller Method. What I didn't anticipate, however, were the many positive testimonies that started arriving in my mailbox on a daily basis, reports like:

"I am very sure I have lost a pound a week. I've been on the program for about two months, and I've lost eleven pounds. It has been a down and up and down again thing, so I've gotten accustomed to the scale going back and forth a bit, but even with its back and forthing, it is definitely a downward trend, so I'm encouraged."

My friend, this is real weight loss - not the typical five pounds water loss that comes at the beginning of most diets, pounds you'll put back on faster than you can close one diet book and open up another one.

You see, with The Hiller Method (if you practice it properly and diligently), you can count on a safe, steady, and lasting evaporation of flab. And, as a side effect, if you're like most Hiller Method graduates you'll also experience improved digestion, better bowel function, reduced hunger, heightened self-esteem, and overall happiness.

Who could ask for more?

In closing, let me say one thing. The Hiller Method is so simple some people won't give it a fair try because they'll say to themselves, "I already know this." Yes, they know it, but I can promise you they don't practice it. Because if they did practice The Hiller Method in their lives, they wouldn't be looking for a weight loss tool.

The Hiller Method is that good, and it will change your life for the better.

Chet Day
Health & Beyond Online

Prologue by John P. Hiller
It has now been little over two years since I have reached and maintained my weight goal, and a year and a half since this document was created.

A lot has happened since then - there has been a tremendous and positive show of feedback by people who have been using THM successfully and are still losing weight on a daily basis. We have created a private forum for THM users as of March 1, 2002, and the forum is growing at some 20 users per day. As we speak it contains over 500 members who encourage, support and chat on a daily basis. I would have never dreamt that my 'little document' as some called it could have had such a profound effect on so many people in such a short time! I feel truly privileged to continue to inspire others to reach their balanced weight like I did. There have been major discussion on and off the forum, and THM has evolved into something bigger than the original method; this prompted me to do a major revision of the original document, resulting in the document you have before you here today. Not only have I learned a lot from feedback received from the great group of THM users (both good and bad), but I did more extensive research on the psychology of weight loss with regards to The Hiller Method. This resulted in a whole new added part to THM, called "The Psychology of weight loss in relation to the CR".

Furthermore, as there have been a lot of frequently asked questions on "how-to", I've added a separate FAQ section for both THM and the ever-troublesome Forum access.

In part I of this document you will find the original version of THM, as I created it in 2001. I did not want to deprive you of initial publication. Keep in mind, however, that THM has progressed and that Part II contains the added work, which goes into the 'Mind aspects' a little deeper, and will give you insight on why THM is so successful.



--------------- End of preview

THM can be downloaded instantly after a small payment
Payments can be made in any currency by E-check, credit card or PayPal account. Right after payment approval you will be taken to the download area where you can download THM. If you prefer not to or do not know how to download documents, please send us proof of purchase by email, and we will send you THM by email at no extra cost. Please note that the method is copyrighted material. No part of this publication may be copied, shared or distributed to third parties without written consent of the author.

I am the only online health author I know of who offers a 45 day FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. That is two weeks more than a regular online guarantee holds. If for whatever reason you do not lose weight within 45 days after purchasing THM, let me know and I will give you a full refund. This method works.. It worked for me, it worked for members of my family and friends, it has been working for thousands of people worldwide for the past four years, and IT WILL WORK FOR YOU OR YOUR MONEY BACK.

If you are ready to change back to a normal weight please click on the button below to get your copy of THM instantly after payment by Credit Card or PayPal

Copyright (c) by John Hiller, all rights reserved



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